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NATX bags and accessories are covered by 1 year limited consumer warranty. Our warranty applies when the product is used for intended purposes under normal conditions. However, the warranty does not cover damage occurred due to improper handling, care, misuse or accidental damage of the NATX product. The natural wear and tear of the material like fabric abrasion, zipper damages beyond warranty are not covered. Additionally, we are not liable for any incidental or consequential loss of personal property. NATX has rights to repair or reject any product after thorough evaluation. Further, if the item is deemed to be irreparable, we may replace a bag of equal or lower cost at our own discretion. The replacement or exchange of the bag or accessory must be claimed within a period of 30 days of purchase or claim. In the event of failure to select a replacement, NATX claims no more liability. If the customer does not wish to replace the bag, the product will be returned back in the same condition. The shipping charges for returning the product and reshipping charges of the exchanged or replaced product will be borne by the consumer.

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