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NATX Bean Bag

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Product Description

Camera bean bag is the most important accessory for wildlife photographers. They provide stability and hold to get the perfect pictures. There are different types of bean bags available in the market in different sizes and designs, to suit lenses ranging from 100 mm to 800 mm lens.

NATX also had three different sizes of bean bags to suit small, medium and big lenses. There was always a concern and moments within ourself and also customers about the weight and handling of camera bean bags.

In our endeavour to come up with one bean bag to suit all, we have worked with several samples, field trials, and customer opinions to come up with this unique Bean Bag.

- It’s perfectly sized with top panel suitable for all types of lenses
- Weighs just around 4.5 Kgs when filled with PVC balls
- Designed to hold on to the vehicle bars, car doors, or stationery positions without shaking
- Durable stitching with double track stitches at corners, round edges and top for durability
- A rough surface top for lens grip with soft cushion base
- Double layered construction to provide durability

Here it is the final product in two different colours and fabric, available to grab and enjoy photography with perfect pictures.

Note: This bean bag does not come pre-filled with any material. The bean bag is an empty shell that has to be filled with material as desired by the customer.

For any customization with Name / Logo or bulk order with customisation please call / whatsapp to us on +919815791910 / +919845044599

Additional Information

Weight 0.230 kg

Brown, Camo

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